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Source organic fabrics and materials from one place

Samarkand Apparel makes it easy to source all your organic fabrics and materials under one roof, fast. With our accredited supplier network, we can secure whatever you need for wholesale.

Source globally
Fabric matching
Material sampling
Labels and packaging
Get speedy sourcing for almost anything you need. SQA builds relationships with regional and international suppliers.
Simply send in your fabric samples, and our expert team can exactly match them or provide you with the best alternatives.
Want to feel our organic cotton or test other materials? SQA can source and send a range of fabrics and materials for you, just let us know.
Get high quality swing tags, woven labels, care labels, and packaging for your sales needs. We’ll do it for you!

FAQs for Sourcing Materials

Yes. We can source just about anything you need.

We have access to most fabrics that are available in the world. Depending on your requirements, we can source fabrics from Far East Asia or from trusted suppliers around the world.

Yes. Suppliers charge for swatches. If you would like swatches to be sent to you, we will need you to tell us what fabric you need, send us supporting images for inspiration, and provide your address. We will prepare an invoice that covers the costs of the swatches and shipping for you.

Yes. Fabric production happens in the main textile mills across Far East Asia and in other countries like San Salvador and Bangladesh. If you want a producer to make a specific fabric or blend for you, we can project manage this for you but expect your MOQs to start at 300 kgs.

Yes. Simply lets us know in your tech packs what you need, the dimensions, graphics design files, etc. and we’ll source and project manage the production of your labels and tags for you.

Yes. There are a variety of sustainable fabrics available through our suppliers. Please let us know what you’re looking for.