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High quality ethical manufacturing

Work with ethical, experienced, high quality manufacturers across Central Asia, and have our experts project manage every detail for you from inside those factories.


Ethical manufacturing
Embroidery & more
Natural dyes & inks
Done-for-you manufacturing
SQA exclusively works with ethical manufacturers across Far East Asia. To learn more visit YOUNGONE
We produce high quality embroidery, printing, dyeing, and embellishment work in-house, keeping quality consistent.
It’s important to protect our planet. SQA offers natural dyes made from plants and Phthalate-free inks for high quality printing.
Skilled SQA Project Managers oversee your entire production from end-to-end from within our factories, reporting everything to you.

FAQs for Bulk Production

MOQs will vary depending on what garment is being produced, what fabric is being used, and whether the fabric needs to be dyed or printed. Once we review your detailed tech packs we’ll be able to provide you with accurate information.

The only way to calculate your MOQ is to send us your detailed tech packs. Once we connect with our network of ethical manufacturers, they will be able to assess your MOQ.

Our manufacturers produce amazing print quality through screen printing. Send us your graphic design files along with your tech packs and SQA will recommend the best option for you.

There’s no way to answer this question without seeing your detailed tech packs and your graphic design files. There are two possible scenarios, depending on what you’re producing. Either the fabric needs to be printed first before making your clothes or your clothes need to be made before your printing is completed. Both scenarios come with varying timeframes.

For screen printing, the maximum number of colours is 5.

Costs of screens vary depending on the size of the screens needed for your specific designs. Prices can range from 70,000 UZS to 350,000 UZS. Keep in mind that each new colour in your design requires a separate screen. The great thing about screens is they can be reused hundreds of times in future productions.

MOQs exist because of three reasons. Firstly, suppliers all have their own MOQs for fabrics and materials. This means when starting a project, manufacturers also face MOQs when procuring supplies. Secondly, manufacturers need to stop a production in order to start another and this costs them a lot of time. And third, if dyeing or printing, the amount of dye needed to match a specific colour or the amount of printing to achieve a specific design requires a specific amount of materials to be used, which impacts fabric usage and ultimately the amount of total material.

We accept Adobe CorelDRAW, Illustrator, PDF, JPG, or PNG file formats. If you’re printing an image on a section of your garments (ie: logo on the chest) then you need to send your file with the exact dimensions set to scale. If you want an all-over printing of the entire fabric, we need your files saved for yardage printing or repeat printing. This means we need your image dimensions in centimetres to represent exact scale.